$187.67 Starbucks Drink — Bug, Feature, or by Design?

We ordered a drink costing $187.67 using rewards via mobile pay on the new Starbucks app — bug, feature, or by design?

This means that we beat the prior record of $102.40 set earlier this year. The difference is that we didn’t actually have this drink made, but the point stands that Starbucks needs some serious bounds checking.

After customers brought in their own cups, buckets, coolers, etc. to hold their expensive creations, Starbucks decided to limit the redemption of rewards to “any handcrafted beverage — in any of our standard drink sizes.”

The new Starbucks reward program rolled out earlier this month, and with that came the new Starbucks app.

This update allowed customers to redeem rewards via mobile order & pay, a system that apparently doesn’t do any boundary checking — this means that we can order unrealistic amounts of all options.

If we do some math real quick, 1 oz. of espresso x 99 shots = 99 oz which vastly exceeds the maximum Starbucks trenta cold size of 30 oz.

Not to mention that there is never a case in which one should be able to order 99 pumps of every syrup ever.

This looks like an issue that might offset Starbuck’s inventory accounting.

Starbucks, you need a little tech help ;)

ALL THE INGREDIENTS cost + tax pre reward redemption
I’ve got 99 frap chips, bananas, pump(s) sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup, shots, etc. etc. etc. and extra ice ain’t none
Order processed.