To:Barack and Michelle Obama

From:Jing Zhang

Date:April 13th,2017

Subject:Many Thanks

Dear Barack and Michelle Obama,

I would like to convey in this letter my heartfelt thanks to you for presenting my boyfriend ShiMing Wang with food,coffee,etc.If it had not been for your assistance in material life,I fear that my boyfriend will have become thinner and thinner and lose his life,even my life will be in danger.It was you who help us through the worst.You have been more than kind.I think your help not merely the simple help but mingled with personal feelings.I do believe you do love George Washington and Mary Gibbons deeply,and wish happiness on them.

Again,please accept my warm thanks and small token of my appreciation,the Chinese knot necklace and bracelets which I weaved with my own hands.As a buddhist,I believe in the transmigration of life,I believe my former existence is Mary Gibbons,I believe my boyfriend’s former existence is the America’s founding father,George Washington,owing to his full enlightenment of becoming buddha who obtains the ability of fate through.

All my best wishes are weaved in the necklace and bracelets that I want to give you.The Chinese knot kong kim knot means Buddha Vaicocana’s guarding and destroying all evils.The flat knot means taking you smooth going in your career and conquest,and phoenix tail knot means prosperity brought by the mascots dragon and phoenix.Besides,the fastener knot means shoulder to shoulder,be all of one heart.

My true gratitude is beyond the word’s description.I must thank you again for your generous help,now and always.


Jing Zhang

The Chinese thanks letter is below

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