What’s interesting to me, Ali, is that you are pitting yourself (perhaps with the help of others)…
Fox Kerry

According to Wikipedia’s definition, Deterrence (legal) is the use of punishment as a threat to deter people from offending. Deterrence is often contrasted with retributivism, which holds that punishment is a necessary consequence of a crime and should be calculated based on the gravity of the wrong done.

The concept of deterrence has two key assumptions: the first is that specific punishments imposed on offenders will “deter” or prevent them from committing further crimes; the second is that fear of punishment will prevent others from committing similar crimes.”

Fox, you seem to have a distinction between the two but in the U.S’s jurisprudence, the legal punishment for wrongdoings, which translates to time in prison, is what deters people from committing felonies and crimes.

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