Informational Interview

Informational Interview through Phone

I tried to contact different people who belong to my field/Area of study, and i sent an e-mail to many people related to my filed and I also contacted through phone to X-Amal fellows and I briefly discussed on my field ,They shared many important tips/Points related to our filed and also discussed the scope of my field.

And my desire is to apply the Chines Government Scholarship through Chines Scholarship Council. I tried to search Pakistani students who are studying in china. I searched on Facebook, tweeter last I got the Facebook ID of a Pakistani student name Naeem Anjum he was studying at Nanjing University of Science and Technology China through Chines Government Scholarship. I sent a friend request and also sent text messages on Facebook. Within two hours Mr.Naeem Anjum accepted my friend request and replied me. Our conversation duration was almost 20 mints, during this conversation Mr. Naeem Anjum sent me an e-mail ID of Mr. Umar.

Mr.Umar is also a Pakistani student he was studying at University of Science and Technology China through Chines Government Scholarship, where I am going to apply this year for my MS program. Luckily Mr. Umar belongs to my field and his PhD research topic is similar to my area of interest. I sent an e-mail to Mr.Umar and said that i am going to apply in your University (USTC) through Chines Government Scholarship so I need your help regarding to the procedure of application and interview and I want to know about the eligibility criteria, the environment of the University and research labs. After one hours Mr.Umar replied my e-mail and he sent his Phone number through e-mail and he said that Mr.Ali you can call me through WeChat today at 2: PM Pakistani time so we will discuss briefly of your issue.

I called Mr.Umar at 2 pm on WeChat, I introduced myself and said thank you for accepting my request and giving me time to talk with you.Mr.Umar also impressed with me and ask to me you are hardworking person and also ask any type of question related to our field and Chines Government Scholarship felling free. So I have freely explained the reason of calling and asked many question related to my field and the procedure of the application and interview .Mr. Umar answered all my question very clearly and briefly explained every steps related to Chines Government Scholarship in USTC.

Questions I asked were:

1. I asked about his current study?

2. 1 asked about his Ph.D. research topic?

3. It is difficult are not to win the Scholarship at USTC?

4. What package they are offering for an international students who win the scholarship?

5. What is your experience at USTC?

6. Because I am going to apply for MS program so the research proposal are required are not?

7. University provide hostel for the International Students?

8. What is the situation of meal in china they provide the Halal foods are not for international students?

9. When they can’t provide the Halal food have you accessible for Halal food in market?

10. I also discuss his daily activity in USTC?

11. I asked about the cultural of china and how much different from Pakistani cultural?

12. I asked about the teaching method at USTC in our field the language instruction is English are not?

13. The language instruction is English so EILTS test score required?

14. I asked about the professors at USTC they are cooperative are not?

15. I asked to Mr. Umar, can I send my all documents to you?

16. I asked about the important documents which required at time of admission?

17. During application procedure Passport is must require are not?

After talking with Mr. Umar I am fully confident to apply the Chines Government Scholarship at USTC, it was very interesting for me. I am very happy to his suggestions, views and he explained each and every thing related to my field and also explained about the procedure of application and interview. And he effectively answered to my all question which I asked him. He asked me to send my all required documents, which is a plus point for me and I sending my all required documents to Mr. Umar next week before 31 March and he will submit my application by hand in USTC. And he helped me for online application procedure and I submitted my online application successfully. I will be in contact with him. And I also contacted some other people in Pakistan and discussed with them related to my field scope. After this activity I gained many important points related to my field especially those things/point which I can’t achieve in past. It is very amazing activity in my life because I understood many new things and ideas in my field.

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