Just Start Project:

Activity 1b: Khudi and Self Learning

Goal: Learning English

1. As we know that English is an international language .Most people in the world can speak and understand English, therefore to communicate with different nation’s people we have to know how to speak English. Therefore I want to learn English so that i would not face any problem in my life and I can convey my message easily to different people.

2. As I have already explain that English is a major language in the world and for communication English is required. It is difficult for a person to convey his message to a person who is not a speaker of his own language. As I am not a speaker of English it is difficult for me to speak English I can’t convey my message in English to other so therefore i want to learn English. In most universities and colleges courses are taught in English it is difficult for me to understand them so for proper understanding English is important for this reason I want to learn English.

3. As our native language is not English and it is not speak in our country .English is only limited to course which is only learn to pass the paper .There is no proper channel to learn English during my school and college life therefore my English speaking is very weak. due to this I have faced a lot of problem related to English during my graduation and due to work load in graduation I can’t improve my language .

4. To achieve my goal the tasks I have identified are:

a. To read different books like English novels, literature. I also read different language books of English like oxford English grammar wren and Martin‘s English Grammar etc.

b. To read English newspapers making words bank and using them into sentences.

c. Talking in English with friends to improve my speaking skill.

5. I regularly read books and newspaper and I feel that my English is improving. Talking with friends in English I have improved my speaking skill and now I can speak in much better way and I can convey my message to other in English. At first i have faced a lot of problems in understanding books and newspaper, I have to consult dictionary for each word but gradually I overcome it and now I can read every type of English book and newspaper.

6. I have come to know that if a person is determining in doing something he can do it. By facing the problems with determination in the way and by trying constantly we can achieve our goal.

7. Next I want further improvement of my language for this I want to write on different topics. I am trying to take admission in academy offering English language course. Now I have got an opportunity to improve my English as I got admission in Amal academy.

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