Learning about your abilities from your friends:

I tried to contact my close friends through E-mail who know me and also contact my relatives through E-mail but I contacted some friends and relatives through text message on phone because they don’t have accessible to internet. I asked to my friends and relatives about my strengths, abilities and also I asked them to identify my weakness.

I send the e-mail to 5 friends/classmate and I have send text message for 2 friends on mobile and I also send text message to my parents and relatives on phone because there are no internet. I have received many responses in the form of stories related my strength, ability and weakness. One thing is common in the responses that are my hardworking. My friends/classmate, parents and relatives discus 60% on my hardworking, and some classmate discus on my punctuality, leadership and teamwork etc. Some friends mentioned my weakness of lack of confidence. So I have learned many positive things after this activity because I am not Sure about my hardworking, Punctuality, teamwork, and leadership skill but my friends and parents explore my strength and abilities after this activity/survey of my strength and abilities. They mentioned my college life because in college life I did part time job at a local shop with my study and I manage my education expenditures, that’s why my friends and relatives identified my hardworking, punctuality, teamwork and leadership skill.

My parents, relatives and friends/classmate are explore and appreciated my strengths abilities and also advise to improve my level of confidence I think that is good surprised for me. I can say that my friends and parents mentioned my reality; it means they know me in very well.

Hardworking and leadership skill that’s way my friends and parents appreciated me because i have arranged different session related to education (career counseling) in my hometown during the summer vacations when I was doing my Bachelors. As I am from Gilgat Batistan I motivate my friends to arrange camping on mountains and other different please during holidays. During my Bachelor degree as CR (Class representative) I have deal all problems of class and always submitted my assignments on time in my university shows my punctuality.


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