HiHello vs Popl vs ShareEcard

Alicia Samuel
2 min readFeb 23, 2023

Business cards are essential for networking and promoting your business or personal brand. With the rise of technology, digital business card options are now available. This article will compare three popular options: HiHello, ShareEcard, and Popl.

HiHello offers a comprehensive set of features for creating and sharing digital business cards, including custom design, a QR code, easy sharing, a built-in calendar feature, data collection, analytics, multi-language support, and customizable templates. This makes HiHello an excellent option for businesses and individuals looking to promote their brands and make connections. Pricing starts at $6/month for professionals and for business it is $5/user/month. Overall, HiHello is quite popular in the market and also comes with mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

ShareEcard is a digital business card platform that includes custom design, a QR code, easy sharing with shareable link, WhatsApp, Social Media, customizable templates, and the ability to connect and share using LinkedIn. The digital business card design of ShareEcard is very similar to paper business cards and you will get the same feeling as having a paper business card. You can also upload your own paper business card design to it. Additionally, it offers a lead generation feature that allows users to collect information from their card recipients, which can be valuable for businesses looking to expand their customer base. You can easily scan business cards and store them on the ShareEcard app. Their pricing plan is quite simple and most affordable. Just $10/year and no hidden cost involved. ShareEcard is quite popular among SMEs.

Popl is a digital business card platform that offers custom design, a QR code, easy sharing, lead generation, analytics, customizable templates, multi-language support, social media integration, and customizable forms. Its lead generation and social media integration features set it apart from other digital business card options. Their pricing starts from $6.49/month for their Individual pro pack and their other plan starts with $11.99/month which they named as Pro+ plan.

Each digital business card option has unique features and benefits. HiHello is suitable for scheduling, ShareEcard is good for Lead generation, and Popl is ideal for tracking. Depending on your needs and goals, one of these platforms may be the right fit for you.