I’m standing in front of that full length mirror again, the one behind the door, staring at my reflection with my head cocked to the side. From this angle things don’t look so bad. The shadows in this corner of the room cloud the bumps and cellulite I know have taken up permanent residence on my thighs; they have since my late college days, though they took a bit of a break during my reckless mid-twenties, but have made a comeback and appear comfortable enough to stay for the long haul.

I turn to the left and suck in my…

At at time when many would argue that a spiritual awareness has taken over popular culture (think Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and the popularity of spiritual leaders like Gabrielle Bernstein and Rob Bell), yoga and meditation have become household terms for dealing with daily stress and anxiety.

To learn more about coping with daily triggers in a more enlightened way, I sought answers from Yogacharya (i.e. respected teacher) John Thomas Lopategui, who is moderating a panel on Yoga, Health and Well-Being — A Dialog for Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit in Miami this evening at Florida International University.

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Depression feels like swimming in a jar of honey, looking out at the deep amber colored world and trying to move but only falling deeper into the thick mess.

Anxiety feels like someone has taken that jar of honey and decided to continually shake it at random intervals. No warning. No real threat. Just cold fear. Of nothing in particular.

Still, I strive to feel grateful.

I strive to remember that while there is plenty wrong in general, nothing is technically wrong right now, exactly.

But my stomach still twists into itself a few times a day. …


Originally Published in the former St. Petersburg Times (now Tamba Bay Times) Sunday Journal section during my Junior year in college.

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Best Wishes


© St. Petersburg Times, published January 21, 2001

Today is Lucy’s 18 month milestone. And even as I’m typing this, I feel a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach. But as she prepares to leave infancy behind, I, too, am doing my best to leave the heavy weight of Mom Guilt in the past.

Lucy’s been an independent child from the start. She didn’t suffer through separation anxiety when we first left her with one of her Abuelas at only a few months old. She didn’t cry when she had her first sleepover with her cousin a couple of months after her first birthday…

I celebrated my 34th birthday this weekend. A year ago, I was becoming a mom for the first time, something I thought would never happen. Not because I didn’t think I could handle it. But more because I didn’t think it was my “thing.” I was never the little girl pushing a baby stroller with her dolly in it. And I never went gaga for kids the way my friends did. When I hit my twenties and realized I didn’t coo at every passing infant the way other mommy-hopefuls did, I figured that wasn’t my path and I was OK…

Alicia Palma

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