🙅 Social Media is Not a Strategy
John-Erik Moseler 🚀

John-Erik — First and least important, I’m not one bit concerned about the grammar in this piece. It reads well, smooth, and makes sense. (The awesome sentence that you start with “Careful”, I’d start with “Be careful” just to add a bit of clarity.

Very clear and thought provoking. I had a mind blown moment on the relationship equity. Never heard it explained that way before, different perspective and makes complete sense. Overflowing relationship equity — that is HUGE, especially for older people and I guarantee no one has ever explained it that way. Expounding on this could really empower baby boomers to break out of their shell and just do it. Probably the first time someone told them that they do have the tools to succeed in social media in terms that make logical sense and doesn’t sound like someone slinging the 💩 if you know what I mean.

Influence is earned. A great lesson that the immediate gratification generation can’t comprehend. A whole post on this point for sure.

I have to say, shocked not shocked that you took what could’ve been a same old, same old topic and turned it completely upside down. Kudos!

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