Google’s Play Pass: Everything We Know So Far!

Alicia Worthington

In response to Apple Arcade, the first ever news of Google’s “Play Pass” rolled out in June, 2018. Till now, we have just come across that Apple has not launched its subscription service yet, which is particularly for games. While on the other hand, Google has taken over the competition and started testing of monthly subscription service to a small chunk of users.

Play Pass intends to provide access to hundreds of apps and games on Android devices, according to Android Police. Tipsters are sure to state that the Play Pass subscription service is also expected to have a rambling library of productivity, entertainment, fintech, and content transfer app. Users will be able to enjoy ‘premium apps and games’ freely without any ads or in-app purchases with a $4.99 monthly subscription fee. However, we may expect a change in the fee after its launch.

Here are the screenshots we sought out from Android Police displaying the info screen and some of the famous apps/games that have been added in Play Pass.

As the screenshot exhibits, the Google Play Pass may feature games like Marvel Pinball, Limbo, and Stardew Valley. The text says that it will have a huge catalogue of puzzle games and premium music apps. All in all, users can have endless fun, joy and convenience in just $5 / month. The test version is offering a 10-day free trial for its users to experience.

Google has not officially announced any timeline to launch Play Pass. However, we can anticipate its roll out around the same time as of Apple Arcade.

To Sum Up:

Keeping the tradition, apparently Google ‘Play Pass’ has the earmarks to attract games and apps enthusiasts. And it has got an edge over ‘Apple Arcade’ which is only giving access to premium games. We are looking forward to its enticing launch soon and we can’t wait to enjoy such a collection of amazing apps and games in a low-cost like never before. Let’s see how it all goes around! We are keeping are eyes all out for the launch event of the Google Play Pass in the near future.

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