A Glimpse of Life at Boston University

Boston University, July. 26- At the park outside the Metcalf center for Science and Engineering on Commonwealth Avenue, people and students are filling the concrete and wood benches. A student subtly dances to music outside a nearby cafe as he waits for his friend to join him, while birds sang along to the same song. The clacking sound of a passing train and the swoosh of passing cars are the only other noises to fill the air.

The people lying on the lush, green grass, and those walking on the brick paths are careful not to ruin the quiet serenity. Bikes filled the bikes racks and cars took up every available parking spot along the side of the street. But cars are not the only thing lining the streets, trees stand beautiful and strong every few feet up and down Commonwealth Avenue.

It’s as though there isn’t a single problem in the world.

The large, thirty foot tall art piece in the center of the park will certainly catch your eye. As it towers over others in the park, it casts a shadow with help from the shining sun. But the sun is not too much, there are a few clouds in the sky and a breeze in the air to help keep cool. Yellow leaves get caught in the breeze during their fall from the tree to the grassy comfort below. A girl even lay in the grass which gives off a slight dampness, just enough to provide a chill to her balmy day. Others might choose to sit in the shade, even though it’s not too hot in the sun. Some are alone others enjoyed the company of one or several people. Friends here look as though they will be close for life.

This comfort is not just found at the East campus, it’s all over Boston University and there is no place like BU.

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