Caroline Dailey struggles to pursue her dream (profile piece)

Caroline Dailey, 17 years old, rising senior at Rye High School. Her twin brother, John, is her best friend and has always been there for her. “When we were younger we did everything together. We’ve always been pretty close.” She’s needed him in her most trying times. Caroline loves to sing, it is her passion. But there has always been something holding her back: Caroline has anxiety.

Anxiety is a daily factor in Caroline’s life. Decisions become worries, and preforming becomes fearful. This anxiety has made Caroline’s dreams an unrealistic goal. Caroline has faced her fear many times, yet she will still “freak out and can’t sleep the night before” her show. She has preformed three solo’s and is part of an acapella group. Acapella in college is something Caroline wants to do, in a club, but her anxiety is making it harder and harder to preform.

Singing isn’t Caroline’s only passion though — she loves to dance. She enjoys ballet and modern dance. This bring even more anxiety to her life. Stress had become such a daily factor in her life. Recovering from a recent injury, she contemplates if returning to dance is a good decision for her.

Before both concerts and recitals, Caroline says she worries about everything and stresses about ways she can mess up. Routines take up most of her thoughts, and anxiety attacks are not a surprise to her. But this has yet to stop her from singing. She has flawlessly preformed but this doesn’t mean it isn’t still very hard for her, which it is. Dedicated to her music and her beautiful voice, Caroline must find a way to overcome her fear.

Caroline practices constantly to ease her stress and anxiety. She is one of many people who struggle with anxiety, some are also challenged when it comes to something they love to do. Whether it’s small or big issues, anxiety makes it very difficult to cope. Caroline turns to her brother, friends and mostly her beloved dog, Penni. Pennie is five years old and a red Australian cattle dog. Penni soothes Caroline in times of overwhelming stress. She also loves to write, so she took the position of editor and chief of her school yearbook. Exercise may also help with some stress, so she enjoys crew, as a coxswain.

Caroline is strong and is facing her problems head on, in hopes of overcoming her fear before college so she can passionately pursue what she loves in college on a club team at either Georgetown University or Boston University.