10 Ways to get ready for spring Cycling

Written by: Lorna North for Queen of the Mountains

The clocks have gone forward and spring is officially bringing lighter days and milder weather to coax us out of hibernation and get us riding again. If you’ve taken the gas off over the winter, do not be concerned. We have a guide to help you shake off the winter lethargy, get on your bike and embrace the spring!

(1) Layer up 
 Spring is notoriously unpredictable with its weather patterns. You may have braved wearing shorts only to be drenched by an April shower that came out of nowhere. Wear a base layer and take extras like a gilet, arm andleg warmers that you can stuff in your pockets and pull on if the temperature drops.

(2) Ride with a group
 There is no better way to build your confidence and speed than by riding with a group of people. Don’t be nervous about joining in, cyclists are friendly and the experience will see your fitness and bike handling skills improve much faster than going alone. Why not join us on one of our weekly or monthly group rides?

(3) Give your bike a service
 If your bike has been gathering dust all winter it will need a bit of a spruce to get it spring ready. Making the investment to have a professional bike service will give you peace of mind that all the components are working well. This means you can just focus on your ride instead. 
(4) Embrace the light
 Thanks to Daylight Savings we have been given the gift of extra time and can now plan rides in the evening. Dusk is a beautiful time of day to get some training in especially if you head to Richmond Park for the sunset!

(5) Focus on yourself and no one else
 This is your journey and yours alone. You need to ensure that you aren’t stressing out about how your performance is coming along in comparison to everyone else’s. Don’t panic and take things at your own pace. Set yourself achievable goals to build your confidence before biting off more than you can chew early on in the season.
(6) Book an event
Having a goal (like a summer sportive) provides a huge amount of structure to your spring training and gives you something tangible to work towards. Come the day of the event you will have such a sense of achievement, knowing that you put the hours in during the spring to get you to the start line.

(7) Treat yourself
 New kit to welcome the new season is very important not only from a technical perspective but also for that feel-good factor on the bike. In particular, the right padded shorts can enhance your riding experience 10-fold. Have a look at our Spring/Summer Ventoux Collection for some ideas…

(8) Mix up your training
 Avoid training boredom by changing where you ride and the type of riding you are doing. Introduce short bursts of speed with a recovery time to change the pace and improve your fitness; find a new hill to work on your climbing or practice group riding skills like ‘through and off’. Keep things interesting!
(9) Plan an adventure
 There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored by you on your bike. Get out a map, chose a location and plan an adventure for the summer. The excitement of the trip will make you more inclined to put in the spring miles.

(10) Just Ride

The simple fact is that spending more time in the saddle, building your endurance, confidence and skill is the best way to tackle spring head on. This is your time to become your own Queen of the Mountain and we’re here to help you get there.

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