Different Perspectives

This is the 21st century and social media is where people go and get their latest update on everything. Whether it is news, sports, entertainment or simple saying hello to the family, social media is people’s first choice for being in the know and staying connected to the world. With this said, it is not a surprise to find out that political campaigns have now taken a new route. Social media has now become a platform where politicians utilize it to appeal to a wide audience. Traditional media still plays a part, but more is been done via social media. People from other countries can know what is happening around the world in a second with only the touch of a button.

People in first world countries such as the United Kingdom and United States uses social media a lot. In a free world country such as the US, politicians make their voices heard. Such is the case with Twitter’s favorite user Donald Trump. Social media shapes the way people interact with information and how they respond to it. It is quite evident that it’s scope is very broad and it does not matter where on the earth you are, once you have a smart phone with WiFi or phone service you can be a part of everything that takes place in the world.

Below is part one of a two part series on a little research done on whether or not social media have an impact on the outcome of elections.

Social media has made political campaigning much easier but does it help politicians in anyway? It is really hard to say what impact social media has on a candidates performance in any type of election because peoples view change and they are so unpredictable. People might support you on social media but vote against you during elections and they do not vote at all. There is no definite conclusion therefore, as to whether or not social media impacts the outcome of elections. Doing a research of this magnitude takes time and money which is rather lacking at this time for a school assignment. I therefore used the resources that were available in the short time and put together my findings. Below is part two of my research on whether or not social media can shape the outcome of an election.