Why I Like Being The First In At Work

I like getting into the office early.

To the extent where it’s such a habit, I sometimes find myself here abnormally early. Embarrassingly so. I get my full gym workout in - dressed and ready in no time, combined with little traffic on the roads, I often arrive having traveled on auto-pilot only to experience a slight sheepish moment at the realisation — surely I could’ve found stuff to do at home instead?

But no, I actually find a lot of comfort in starting my day when it’s just me. It’s my time to sit here and have breakfast. Time stands still as I use it to indulge in the mornings’ news and display some guilty, non-judged pleasure in reading the ‘trash’ pieces that flood the world wide web.

No one is here. The phone doesn’t ring. Emails are on hold. Meetings aren’t sucking up my time and interruptions are non-existent.

This time to myself, clears my mind for the day. I sit here in all the surroundings of a workplace, yet it’s a different version. It is empty and oh so still.

An introverts heaven, if you wish.

Starting the workday early, without leaping straight into the execution of tasks, allows a chance to get a grip on what kind of day I want to have.

I have come to terms with the fact, that in today’s hearty and wired culture, my inbox will never be 100% sorted and clear. That’s OK. However part of coming in early creates some sense of structure around using my mornings for email time between 8am and 9am , then an understanding to be OK with not monitoring it again until the next allocated hours inbox check, at 4pm — cause the work is not in the inbox, am I right?!

My early mornings are now so much of a ‘me time’ treat that when the first person arrives for the day and says “good morning” I shudder, snapped abruptly out of the quiet. This greeting, serving as a simple indication the working day has begun.

Do you have morning ritual? It can as simple as mine, or it can be structured with a 10 step process of many self care things you can do. Either way, how you start your mornings is all on you — so get a routine that treats you well set in place!

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