Get it Right, Senator Cruz

An open letter to Senator Ted Cruz.

Dear Senator Cruz,

I am writing in response to your remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference describing your Democratic constituents as “bat crap crazy.”

I think the term you may be looking for is, “mad as hell.”

“Crazy,” sir, is supporting a candidate for President of the United States whom you consider to be a “pathological liar” (CNN 5/3/2016). “Crazy” is ignoring evidence that the candidate you supported conspired with Russia to influence the election in his favor (1, 2, 3, 4), and that he and his family are using his presidency for their own financial benefit (eg., 4, 5, 6). “Crazy” is advocating for the repeal of the healthcare legislation that you used to insure your own family (7) — and thinking that average Americans can pay for their own healthcare using healthcare savings accounts (8). (What savings? (9)) Need I go on?

I’m a registered Democrat, and it’s true: I’m mad as hell about these things (and more). That doesn’t make me “crazy” — it makes me a patriotic and concerned citizen. Get it right — and do your job.


Alicia Butler, Esq.*

*Private Texas citizen not paid to write this by anyone else.

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