Senators: The Grown-ups Must Take Charge Now

Dear Senators Cornyn & Cruz,

I am writing to urge you to call for a special prosecutor to examine the Trump Administration’s relationship with Russia as well as the President’s potential violations of the Emoluments Clause. Additionally, in view of the President’s behavior this weekend and the brewing nuclear conflict with North Korea, I ask that you raise serious discussions with your colleagues about whether Twenty-fifth Amendment proceedings to remove Mr. Trump should be instituted.

While our President is raising baseless conspiracy theories and obsessing over television ratings, North Korea is launching missiles into the South China Sea and threatening the capability to reach U.S. soil. Our State Department is understaffed and the President is relying on cronies, extremists and amateurs to guide his foreign policy response. If Congress doesn’t think Trump’s derangement and disorganization are jeopardizing our nation, you guys must be smoking something. Trump is rolling us over to expose our weak underbelly. With nukes in play and a madman with a chip on his shoulder in charge, it’s terrifying.

Please, for the sake of our national security, take decisive and immediate steps to protect us. It is your solemn duty and history will remember what you do now.

Alicia Butler, Esq.

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