Getting the Drugs Out of Exeter

In recent years, the heroin epidemic has grown substantially in my hometown of Exeter Township, Pennsylvania. Over the past few months, however, this epidemic has taken the lives of several young people. This is not ok. While addiction is a choice, the choice would be significantly more difficult to make if the drugs were not as readily available. Heroin dealers are blatantly destroying young people’s lives through the sale of illegal, extremely addictive drugs. Ironically, it seems as though it takes law enforcement longer and longer to convict these drug dealers.

Heroin: an opiate that is extremely addictive and dangerous. It is commonly injected via medical syringe.

Recently, our town experienced what feels like the millionth death from heroin overdose. While I cannot generalize the feelings of everyone, I know that this specific death triggered a wave of reality over our close-knit community. Within the hour of the news breaking, I watched as dozens of people out poured their grief through social networking accounts- pushing for the police to make arrests. One young person even decided to make a vigilante-style video in lieu of law enforcement protocol. Finally, the local news decided to tackle this issue in a beautifully written article- but what is the resolution?

Honestly, there is no immediate resolution. Police investigations for drug cases can take months, even up to a year in some cases. This proves frustrating for friends and family who seek reassurance that the drug will take no more lives. So what do you do?

1. Contact your local police station

2. Contact the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) or the Department of Justice (DOJ)

3. You can anonymously report drug activity

The biggest thing: if you know something speak up. Without us, community members will continue to struggle with the grips of addiction, and the dealers will continue dealing. Contact local law enforcement- express your concerns, ask about the drug problem.

Exeter Strong; a term said often, referring to the strong sense of support and love our community shares. Lets push the issue and get this taken care of- with the help of our beloved officers.

Here we go, Exeter!