How to Transform Your Stress Into Insane Productivity, According to Harvard Psychologists
Elle Kaplan

I love this! In addition to working toward changing my attitude about the role of stress in my life, I’ve also come up with a bunch of practical tools to keep my head above water.

First and foremost, it is keeping my workload organized and making sure that my tasks are prioritized. I’ve found that the productivity app Bzzy ( has been a lifesaver (and it’s free). Since I’m able to prioritize tasks and then hide everything that I don’t need to focus on TODAY, I can keep my focus on just what I am able to accomplish.

When the stress does get me down, my strategies are pretty low-tech. Like the article references, I depend on my community. I call or text one of my best friends who always makes me laugh. If no one is available, a google image search for puppies always helps. Somehow, just scrolling through hundreds of pictures of puppies always lightens my mood so that I can get back to work.

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