Pen to paper?

When I realized that my brain was about to burst at the amount of thoughts that had piled up for years, probably unwillingly, I decided to set pen to paper.

For the new generations “set pen to paper” means to sit down in front of the computer and start typing…

With the “most accurate” precision and without doubting, I already knew what I was going to write about.

¨I knew¨ seems an unthinkable thought.

But I knew that all the “faction” stories that I was going to write about in my first novel “Maids Are More Expensive On Sundays”were more to be regarded as fiction than as fact...

Every bit was there, already stored in my memory, every chapter, every name of each chapter, every fragmented piece, though unconnected bits at first sight, at the end of the book made quite a coherent whole.

How come!

How could all the apparently different stories be connected and related?


They just came out. After having digested them through life.

Every trip to England had given me the wonderful legacy of encounters with different peoples, different lives. The book is certainly not about buildings. It is about people. People make the difference when we travel.

No previous strenuos planning. The stories just came out.

Because they were there.

The miracle of the functioning of the brain.

So much input piled up during so long that the stories had to come out somehow or other.

Hence, the novel.

Aren´t novels supposed to belong to the genre of fiction?


If you are interested in reading my book you can find it in the following link: