When time and distance seem to detach relationships irremediably, it is the power of the mind that acts as a bond that leads to proximity, human proximity.

Doubtless, the power of thought attracts those souls that for some reason are in need of company, long for some company. Vital!

Friends need to reunite for unknown and unthinkable reasons.

Suddenly, their minds seem to start tuning the same melody and their wordless thoughts call each other’s names unconsciously.

As a result of that connection, the encounter occurs.

They meet, and almost immediately they begin to exchange and to enjoy all sorts of their own life stories of times in the past, present and future.

Coincidence or destiny?


The proximity of the minds.

Hasn´t it happened to you that one friend thinks of you exactly when you are thinking of that precise friend almost at unison, as by the magic of a miraculous wand?

And hasn´t it happened to you that after thinking and thinking you come across that person?


At the right time and at the right place.

Good people meet good people and enjoy each other´s humanity.

The recipe is simple, easy and always rewarding: a warm welcome hug plus talking and talking and laughing and remembering together .

In this relaxing feedback process of giving and receiving the feeling of satisfaction is immense.


Shouldn´t we cultivate bonds more often?