‘We Are Here’ is a song and a movement for peace, equality, and change you can join today

The day I wrote this song, I was sitting in a circle of people of all ages and we were asked, “Why are you here?” Why am I here? This really hit me on a deep level. I realized no one had ever asked me that question before.

As I prepare to give birth to a new child, I can’t help but think about the world I’m bringing my baby into.

Wherever we come from, when we see the state of the world today, we can all feel the growing frustration and desire to make a difference. Since I co-founded Keep a Child Alive 11 years ago, I have seen first-hand the impact we can have when we come together. As Mahatma Gandhi said, we can Be the Change we want to see in the world.


to manifest an empowered world community built on the true meaning of equality—where we are all considered One People, regardless of race, gender, zip code, belief system, or sexual orientation.


to make sure every voice is heard, so that our representation reflects our population. We need our leadership to reflect an equal balance of the gifts that both men and women have to offer.


to ensure that every child born into this world receives a quality education —where their unique gifts are nurtured so that they may be a beneficial presence in this world.


to stand for mutual respect and cooperation among all peoples and nations. We must end all forms of racial injustice for our black brothers and sisters and all people of color.


to help end the prison industrial complex in America and reform our justice system so that it is based on fairness and truth.


to help bring about universal global health care based on Integrative Medicine, so that our bodies are treated as one system, and we can help control the spread of diseases like AIDS, Malaria, TB, and Ebola.


because we want to put an end to the poverty, oppression, and hopelessness that often breeds despair, terror, and violence.


to help enact common sense gun laws that protect children, families, and society from unnecessary violence.


to choose Unity, Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion and to acknowledge our individual and collective POWER to change the status quo — and to do so Peacefully.

It doesn’t have to be a dream anymore.

Let’s pool our resources; mind-share, heart-share, engage, and educate one another on what’s going on in our neck of the woods that we want to bring attention to, so that we may all be inspired to take action, so that our voices can be heard and real change can happen. It starts with ourselves, and then our families, and then our communities and then the world.

Together, we can do it, because WE ARE HERE.

We have taken great care in selecting organizations that we trust. We know these groups are doing effective and compassionate work that we can support in a tangible way. We started with the song, and now I hope you’ll join me to take action.

Our partners include: Oxfam, Partners in Health, Keep A Child Alive, CARE, The Future Project, All Out, The Trevor Project, Warchild, Equal Justice Initiative, Girl Rising, Trayvon Martin Foundation, and Moms Rising.

We Are Here will spotlight very specific initiatives with each of our partners outlining exactly how you can get involved and make a real difference!

I also want to hear from you about issues in your community. Together, we can bring attention and change to the places that need it most, for the betterment of all. Together, we can support each other in changing local laws and policies into ones that serve everyone. Through awareness and education, we can come together and encourage our leaders and the global public to join US.

It’s Me + You
on a mission to create a world where all children have the right to be free and equal and safe.

Working together, the WE ARE HERE Movement can give birth to a kinder and more peaceful world for ALL children.

Our souls were brought together so that we can love each other sister, brother. We are here. We are here for all of us. That’s why we are here.

In light,
Alicia Keys

Join the We Are Here Movement