A Fair Go For All

The expansion of the internet has allowed us the ability to access almost any data online, whether it be music, movies or information. Whilst having this access at the touch of our fingers is a fantastic benefit of the advancement of technology I believe I am conflicted when it comes to today’s copyright laws and the freedom of information.

Today’s technology has allowed many of us the ability to download almost anything we want, any movie, song, word document; it is endless. Even in Australia where there are laws implemented to protect those that upload these files, there are still many sites that allow “illegal downloading.” It is fantastic for those that are using the systems to access information because they are viewing or listening to files that is virtually free for them, instead of forking out money to buy it.

Whilst I cannot deny that I have never partaken in such activity, if we turn the tables and examine the other side it I can see how there may be some justification as to why these laws have been put into place. For example, millions of dollars can go into producing a movie. Many directors, film crew and actors do not work hours on end for long periods of time out of pure enjoyment, it is a career, and like any career, they expect to get paid. A certain revenue is obviously expected from movies, you provide a service and for that service you expect compensation. By illegally downloading these movies we are denying people of this money. This is where I believe it is corrupt, we take enjoyment from the service provided so why shouldn’t we show our appreciation by awarding those that have worked hard to allow us to view it?

I also believe that all countries should abide by the same copyright laws. Not only should we all have equal access to any site we wish to view, we should also be restricted equally in terms of what we do and don’t pay for. It becomes conflicting when one country can access something but another can’t.

In this day and age we should all be mindful to protect the rights of everyone and to not abuse the power of the internet and all that it can have to offer.

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