Beyond Boxes: The Intersex Case for Intersectionality

No… this isn’t a sci-fi novel, this is my life. But this isn’t a pity party, this is an empowerment party.

Alicia helped launch and served as Policy and Advocacy Director of former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’ nonprofit Deeds Not Words from October, 2016-April, 2018.

And I was born with non-binary reproductive organs, physically, so wouldn’t it make sense that my mental, emotional and moral character might also not fit into an A or B category?

But in order to be that evidence; that tangible, visible, scientific evidence that every letter of the LGBT acronym exists, we have to exist. And that means our existence can’t be erased by surgeries before we’re old enough to say anything about it.

However, surgically chopping something off a human child is not going to remedy the ills of humankind. There’s no bandaid for that kid undergoing series of surgeries they don’t need, and medical procedures can’t be used as a bandaid over societal stigma and shame.

I won’t be your bandaid — but I can be your bridge.

Alicia Weigel, delivering her talk on intersectional advocacy for intersex rights at SXSW 2018.

We just have to take that first step, by helping people understand that being intersex isn’t a pathology, it’s our identity. We have to assume that identity, proudly. Being intersex is my identity. And it’s beautiful.

Choice is the most necessary, and powerful, thing that exists. It is the difference between life as a free agent and a slave to circumstance.

Once we prove humans don’t fit into boxes, through radically living our own unique experiences, we will realize we are no longer boxed in — the limit, literally, does not exist.




Intersexy human rights advocate, leading with love in the Lone Star State.

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Alicia Roth Weigel

Alicia Roth Weigel

Intersexy human rights advocate, leading with love in the Lone Star State.

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