My name is ikumawoyi John odunayo a student,a graphic designer(vector artist)and a musician. I’m 18 years of age, I got through my college last year before i came across the beautiful WAVES ECOSYSTEM whose founder is Sasha ivanov the Brain behind waves . I got into the waves ecosystem after I finished my college, it was introduced to me by a friend because I was so interested in crypto,trading and making money after my education, I’m young and as a younger we must stive and work hard in order to earn money and put food on the table. It wasn’t an easy journey through my schooling 😩 I would leave the home and go to school most times without having a dime in my pocket to eat and also give to others who is in need, I began to beg some friends close to me in order for me to eat and not stay hungry, most friends turned me down and left me at my darkest times, it went like that for years staying hungry and begging just to feed myself, life has been tuff for me, but since I got into the waves ecosystem it has been glorious for me and my family. I started by participating in task on WavesDucks to earn rewards in $egg tokens the precious token of the WavesDucks game 🎮 the community welcomed me with loving hands and a warm heart of joy 💕 I’m lucky that I’m in the waves ecosystem.


Also i was lucky enough to participate in tasks like this because i did all with my heart and with the love the waves ecosystem welcomed me with I also did to help others in some tasks above, I went to a nearby children school giving them some goodies( sweet and biscuit) so they will he happy and indeed they were happy and also screamed wavesducks! I spread the love among everyone in my community in other to make it circulate because “it’s not all about the money but the love you share among people putting a smile on their faces" i kept going and was becoming familiar with the ecosystem and started investing holding $waves, $egg, $wx, $vires, $puzzle and also got some $swop staked also staked my $waves token The ecosystem is a broad and easy to use, I also celebrated the birthday of waves by baking a custom cake with happy birthday waves on it 💕

My days with waves was never a day of sober but days of joy, I was the boy who begged to get some food to eat in college but waves changed my life making me a clearer picture of transformation I’m a #wavesarmy and i will forever be an army of the waves community.

DEDICATED TO THE WAVES ECOSYSTEM from the deepest part of my heart and making me standout and being strong as a crypto enthusiast because waves thought me how to go through with crypto and how the market is “bearish and bullish" I’m using this opportunity to tell everyone to come to the waves ecosystem and i assure you your lives will change for good so don’t give up and keep trying 💯 the community share love and will make something out of your intellectual skills, it made me what I’m today as a graphic designer, musician, videographer and many more.

My success story of the waves ecosystem 💕.

I was once the boy who begged myself out at school just to eat and now I’m going higher thanks to the waves community I have loved waves since I started my journey with waves and I’m never letting go, forever will i stay and remain an army of the waves community #Wavesarmy

Kindly join in below 🔻

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