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From The Jitsi team on a morning stand up

Here’s the tl;dr. End to end, if you’re fairly quick at setting up instances on whatever you use for cloud servers, then you can rip through all of this fairly quickly.

  1. Set up an instance on AWS and prepare to install Jitsi Meet.
  2. Before you run the actual install command in the above tutorial, refer to this Jitsi community post if you want to set up a lobby/waiting rooms.
  3. To allow only admins to initiate a room take a look at this from Cross Talk Solutions. There is a video walkthrough too.
  4. Set up the lobby (aka waiting rooms) using this Jitsi community post. Scroll down to the section about Secure domains (user logins) — this (and restarting each of the services like you did at the end of step 3) is all you need. …



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