Hmm. I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about DrupalCon locations recently and I’ve come to a…
Rachel Lawson

As much as I love the idea of Helsinki, it’s more costly to get a whole team to some places than others (like Sofia). Don’t really know how that’s avoided, as a regional con needs to be distributed regionally.

I think whatever we do should recognise we are one community. I also think we should encourage the community to be broader. I’d like to see more customers and end users involved for example. Focussed events like Jeff suggest are great, but don’t support ‘one community’ — and possibly make it harder for say a Product or Project Manager to know which one to focus on, if they can only do one. But then, those sort of events might encourage more participation as well. There might be some people who’d go to a dev days or a biz days for the focus, who might not ever go to a more universal con.

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