Thorough: (adj) complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial.

This is Oliver, my baby. You’ll be seeing a lot of him.

Only a few minutes ago, I received a phone call that startled me: “Hi Alison, can you come in today or tomorrow for an interview?” I looked down at my pajamas (keep in mind it is 1pm), and hesitantly responded, “Tomorrow would be better for my schedule if that works for you.” After receiving directions for where I need to be at 11am tomorrow, I realized how fast my life is moving.

As a college student home for my first summer (which ends in less than two months for me), I’ve learned the urgency of making connections and being proactive in my life plans. Between choosing my majors and trying to make enough money to spend on things I need like a new pair of shoes or things I actually need like food, I am keeping in mind that I need to be THOROUGH in my life. While typing this, I’m not sure if that will even make sense to anyone, so I’ll try to explain a little better. As shown in the title, THOROUGH is an adjective that describes something as being taken care of completely with attention to each feature. What does any of this have to do with my interview or the fact that summer is almost over? I’m so glad you asked.

Rather than going through the motions with my life, it is my goal from this day forward to be THOROUGH in everything I accomplish. Many elderly people wish they could have slowed time down and enjoyed the little things more, which is why I am changing my habits, goals, and purposes. The purpose of my blog is to change my habit of ignorantly living my life and to set and achieve goals I give myself.

In this blog, I hope to analyze events I have participated in and things going on around me. You will have the opportunity to see food I’m eating, a hike I’m going on, the 3am study sessions that are killing me, my rants, my homesickness, etc. Between living in Oregon and Illinois, you will see the two very different types of lifestyles I am living and how I’m doing it. I will post pictures along the way — some will be from my phone and others will be from my nikon. I’m doing this for myself, so if you want to follow my journey, good luck! Try to live your life as THOROUGH as possible with me!

ps. for the rest of my blogging series, I plan on using at least one vocabulary word to help explain a theme in my post. :)

Thanks for joining me!

If you have any suggestions or if you want me to write/photograph something in particular, feel free to let me know. You can comment or email me at

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