A creation myth for designers

Pyramid is a dirty word now. Thanks MLM.

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This is how I conceptualise design. It’s a broad and inclusive process that links the real world with an org/business, translating people’s needs into the messaging, functionality and appearance of a business (company, org, etc…). It shows how design thinking overlaps with business structure.

This triangle has analogies to creation myths I have come across in Taoism, Christianity and even Tolkien’s Silmarillion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is how reality works! Humour me, I’m feeling poetic.

In the beginning…

was an undifferentiated whole. The infinite whitespace existed in timelessness.

Before a business exists, there are the people with the problem. This is the real-world basis for everything that comes after. Without this fertile ground, full of potential, there can be nothing. It is the pent up value, as yet uncreated. …


Ali Dark

Brisbane photography and design. Looking and learning. www.alidark.com

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