Fuck Focus? Experiements in Street Photography

Ali Dark
Ali Dark
Mar 11, 2015 · 5 min read

Learning to See


Manual Focus

Focusing manually helps me take more deliberate control, such as isolating the bar inside and the escelator in the reflection, rather than the window.
A shot missed, almost, because of waiting for autofocus. There’s no telling if I would have made it manually, but I like my chances, especially with practice.
Eiko at the Caboolture markets .A good shot stuffed by autofocus. Well, it’s my fault, but this is one reason I’m learning to shoot faster with manual focus.

Pissing People Off

Avoiding embarassing confrontations leads to a lot of less interesting shots. I could have waited for someone to come up and smile or whatever, but it’s so much easier to shoot people in the back.

Better Photos

Ali Dark

Written by

Ali Dark

Brisbane photography and design. Looking and learning. www.alidark.com

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