Human Beings

Humans, are proud or are you grateful living the life you live?

And that is an actual question.
Living our lives by going to school, work, be successful. The hunger to be on top, to own as many cars, the biggest house — but to what extent would we go to achieve all of that.
Are we at all humane?

I personally am always torn in between proud of being one, or just wish I don’t exist to witness the things I have (may or may not single-handedly experience it myself) The ideation of how wars help in building a stronger nation. I see humans, but I don’t see empathy at all. And even when I do, it’s (well not all) but merely to keep up a certain image. “Giving back to the community” “Raising awareness”, or so they say.
In terms of money and state of living, we sure as hell are beyond fortunate. I’m sorry you didn’t get your favorite food for dinner, some kids are dying to have at least a handful of that plain rice.
Now don’t come at me with the “Just because someone has it worst than me doesn’t mean I am not entitled to feel what I feel”

Yes sir/madam, you are right. As a matter of fact, you ARE entitled to your own feelings. But I guess you never really understand how the less fortunate would feel. You never really had empathy for them, because trust me if you do, you will start to appreciate your life much more.
During the month of Ramadhan this year, I came across a video that slapped my face so hard I’m still trying to heal from it. We Muslims fast to learn to endure and understand the feelings of the less fortunate, some does it as a form of routine that they were used to since young.
You will never understand, how it feels to retain every last penny just so it can last you through the month.

(Irrelevant personal experience)
I started working recently and my parents stopped giving me the weekly cash they used to. My pay wasn’t enough to last me through the month and I had to pretend that I wasn’t hungry during lunch breaks, but guess what, I still have the privileged of coming home to my mom’s cooking. And that video taught me a lot on how I need to learn to appreciate what I have and what others don’t, even when I don’t have much myself. I can’t impose these ideas on anyone, it really is up to individual to self-reflect and I can promise you, I promise you we are beyond fortunate.

As I always have the tendency to side track, the main point is not how proud, but how grateful we should be as humans.

< the link of the video that, well, not entirely but changed me as a person quite a fair bit: >

be kind.

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