Great read. I’m planning on starting today YEY!

Hey Elliot

Thanks for reading the article! Sorry for the late reply! I am incredibly busy so I am trying to sort out a schedule to be able write more on Medium as the posts seem to be helping a lot of people.

Yes you will providing that you eat the correct foods when it comes to your 1pm-2pm meal. Ensure you have plenty green veg and fats in your first meal as these are the things that keep you feeling full!

Make sure that you are full up after that first meal as it will keep you going for hours after! If you feel you do need a little energy boost before your exercise, try having a cup of black coffee and a banana or a handful of almonds. The black coffee and almonds have a profound effect on energy when combined.

Reading your bio Elliot you seem to be a busy guy. I am putting out a article tomorrow that I think will be perfect for you. I am calling it the CEO diet. It is the exact lifestyle I follow for optimal energy and mental clarity. It is also pretty good for getting you lean!


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