I think your ideas are admirable and you may be able to change behaviour that way, I hope so, but!
Lady Emily

I fully agree and I think this is the core of our topic. Will be covering this in subsequent posts. I touched upon it in the article, we know all that and still we’re consumed by consumption. Like you, I don’t go for we need to educate. It’s a very important work that has happened to a large extent, and this type of discussion is a good illustration. It needs to continue, but real change won’t come from that. Also, it will not come from imposed solutions or movements like “buy less”, we don’t function like that, or at least not enough people. One more promising route in my view is to design better alternatives where people have the right incentives to adopt new behaviors. It can be done in a lot of areas and this is where I see a lot of potential. I started to articulate it in this post, and you can have a look at how we put it in practice in a first area with www.upchoose.com but the point is we could build better alternatives in so many areas of our daily lives, and end up with better outcomes, because there are so many inefficiencies and so much waste today.