It’s not a consumption model. That’s a ruse.
Tracy Kolenchuk

Maybe a little bit :)

I agree with your assessment of why people, efficiency etc get discarded in the current model. But not with your idea that services don’t sell. We can design services that include products but help you use them in a way that works better for you, even on a very practical and selfish way. If instead of selling you something at a certain price that you would use only a short amount of time, I sell you the option to use it and sell it back and it cost you less, it doesn’t create clutter etc, then why wouldn’t you want to do it?

But it takes new organisations and new models that don’t depend on selling the maximum number of products. You can’t sell happiness but you can provide services that delight people, do the job, provide joy, and facilitate or don’t come in the way of more essential things like experiences and relationships.

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