Another good start at this discussion, though much of what’s being said is idealism vs.
Daisy Brown Herndon

Thank you Daisy for taking the time to share these thoughts. This post is a first of a series, starting first with articulating the challenge and will propose more concrete solutions subsequently. The point is to actually go beyond idealism vs despair, and show that we can design a third way. It doesn’t have to rely on individuals waking up everyday and wanting to save the world, and it doesn’t depend on massive, silver-bullet intervention. Rather, it’s creating the conditions for myriad of projects (companies, but not just) that design better alternatives, in the thousand or more parts of our consumption. It’s not idealism, it’s real services we can build in the next few years on anything from clothes to furnitures and electronics. We’re doing our part and you can learn about it if you want to, but the potential is much larger and can have massive impact.