The real problem nobody wants to address is out of control population growth, southeast Asia is…
Louis Weeks

Thanks Louis for writing up this response.

On the population argument, I replied above, copied here:

“Yes, I hear the argument. But the data also shows that the growth in consumption is not just 1:1 with growth of population. In examples of daily purchases, clothing for example, it’s our behaviors that makes all the difference, our addiction to buying tons of disposable stuff all the time that drives it. More people do it, but I think if we were to model what happened with consumption over the past 50 years and keep the same population level, we would end up with significant environmental, health and mental issues as well.”

On your second question, that is where I see the most potential. The route you’re describing of making people not want things, or having large brainwashing campaigns, is exactly what I think we should stop doing. What I call for is to get creative and come up with superior alternatives that people will want, will crave for, will be excited about. Even people who don’t care about the planet or the environment, or don’t make it a priority and that’s ok. We have to stop lecturing and making people feel guilty, and start offering them a better alternative. Now, it’s hard to talk about this at the high level, but if you look into specific examples, there are areas where it’s absolutely doable and we gain from it. Look at how much power some companies have gained in less than 10 years and how much impact they have in our daily behaviours, I see the same potential for new companies or services to offer sustainable alternatives.