One of the big risks that lie ahead in the next two decades is an urge to consume even more in…
Chris Harries

Yes Chris, thank you and I agree with you, there is a lot of that.

That’s why in my view, we can’t simply focus on switching to renewable energy to power the same consumption behaviors. This article explains that well:

That’s also why I tried to articulate the issue around health, ethics and happiness as well. If we try to just switch the energy source, we’re going to realize what comes after is still the bigger problem. If we try to just change what we consume, it’s only going to work for a few people who care or can afford it. But we have a lot to gain on all accounts from a bolder approach, a more profound re-shape of consumption. It cannot happen just with us deciding it on the individual level, we need creative forces (including new companies but not only) to re-invent things. And no better time to do it than today.