‘HACRAME’ — This faux ‘Macrame’ hanging bowl is so damn easy!

I’ve seen tons of adorable macrame crafts all over the internet. Buuuut sometimes those projects can look overwhelming. Some of us are a little too A.D.D. to tie 10,000 knots! And so I have for you an easy and free DIY that can add a touch of chic style to your home, with very little effort.

This DIY is free, as long as you have a few key items, which you reaaally should!

  • Old Jersey Knit Shirt-that stretchy jersey fabric is key !
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Bowl
Start with a rectangle of your Jersey fabric. Clearly, you don’t need any fancy fabric…or to use an iron.
Measure out 1.5" inch thick strips
Cut a total of 8 strips into 1.5" inch thick pieces. The longer the strips, the more hanging room your piece will have.
STRETCH! This is where the Jersey fabric comes in handy. Stretch out each strip to it’s stretchiest stretch. Be sure to be mindful that the strips stay similar lengths.
Measure about 3–5 inches up, gather all of your strips and tie all of them into a knot.
Seperate the 8 strips, into 4 groups of 2 strips.
Measure about 3–4 inches up from your first knot, and tie a smaller knot in each group of your 2 strips.
OKAY, separate the 4 sets into new sets of 2 and tie each set into another knot about 1.5 inches away from the other.
At this point, you should have somethin along these lines.
Grab your bowl and layout your ‘Hacrame’ hanger. Place your bowl in the center, and grab all four ends. Be sure your bowl placement is even, and tie your last big knot at the top.
Vue-la! I used a large hook screw to hang mine, but you’ll want to check out your specific ceiling, and grab the hardware that’s right for you!