Introducing EsALB: The Next Phase of Alien Base Tokenomics

Alien Base
3 min readApr 25, 2024

When the Aliens landed on Earth, they beamed down naked, with nothing more than their brains and knowledge about Alien technology they wanted to bring to Earth.

Alien Base was their way of establishing themselves on this planet, starting from very little to grow a large community of followers and future aliens. There was no anal probing involved, just a message of peace and prosperity for all.

As the community around Alien Base grew, it became more and more necessary to organize everyone so that they’d have clear roles within the hierarchy. The Alien Base DAO was born to manage the resources of this Base, and prominent members of the community joined it to steward its future growth.

Winter was hard for the Aliens, but the community persevered thanks to the continuing contributions of some of the key members of the Alien Base DAO. Then, with spring and a new plan to conquer the Earth, the Aliens sprung back to action and grew to become one of the largest communities in their neighborhood.

Now, it’s time to let the most dedicated community members grow into Alien Initiates. This is what esALB enables.

What is EsALB?

Standing for Escrowed ALB, esALB is a special kind of token that can be obtained by converting ALB 1:1 into esALB.

EsALB is not transferable, with the exception of special whitelisted use cases. However, you can use it to stake and farm through a unique mechanism developed especially for it.

To redeem your esALB, there are two paths:

  • Start an unlocking process that lasts 30 days for up to 100% of your holdings. After 30 days, you can redeem your tokens into regular ALB.
  • Unlock 1% of your position every 12 hours. There are no caveats and no preparations required: you’ll have ALB as soon as you redeem.

These two paths can be mixed and matched. For example, you can place 50% of your stash into a full 30 day redemption, and unlock the rest gradually every 12 hours. The 1% is counted against your entire position, including the portion currently in redemption.

What are the benefits of EsALB?

From now on, esALB (and similar locked LP tokens like esALB-ETH) will become the only way to participate in the platform’s governance and unique rewards, including airdrops from projects listing on Alien Base, buybacks and many more opportunities.

Single-staking with no lockups will be gradually discontinued. As we develop projects like Quasar and Nebula, there might be opportunities to reintroduce no-lock staking, though this will be only done if the staking has utility (such as lending or AMM pools).

The rewards to esALB stakers will be delivered in regular ALB, so users will have a choice to either lock more and compound, or keep the rewards unlocked.

EsALB allows the community to distinguish between true long-term holders and those merely passing by the Alien Base. Each group is valuable, but long-term rewards should only be given to long-term holders, who now won’t need to share them with everyone else.



Alien Base

AlienBase is the Base-native DEX for degen earthlings.