What You Need To Get Started with Alienz.io

The Alien invasion of blockchain is incoming. Liquidity rates incomparable to anywhere else in the galaxy. Earn Alienz tokens only for a limited time while mining lasts. See you in the Stars!

While blockchain injection extensions such as MetaMask are supported within Alienz, we recommend using WalletConnect for the most robust user experience.

Alienz.io is a DeFi project for mining liquidity with a extraterrestrial concept. First you will need either WalletConnect or a MetaMask account / browser connection to run blockchain applications. Don’t forget to hold Ether (ETH) as needed for gas fees. Also, make sure you’re connected to Ethereum mainnet. With all the above, you can take part in out of this world liquidity profits and build your user profile at Alienz.io — thanks so much for joining the Alienz platform in our journey to discovering new blockchain galaxies!

Find us on Twitter|Invade our Reddit and participate in the community for free Alienz tokens|



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