Take Me There

I chose this multimedia package right off the bat because it has to do with traveling. I love to travel and am always looking for suggestions, especially to whole in the wall gems that are not obvious tourist attractions.

The Time article gives a series of beautiful images of “52 places to go in 2016”. I love how, like the less popular destinations, the images give a less expected experience. For instance, when traveling to Germany I would never think to go wine tasting, yet the Mosel Wine Country suggests otherwise. I would have liked to see more of the animated images. A couple of the pictures I scrolled through, for example the Washington D.C image, would have been cooler if they showed flickering bits of the video being projected on the buildings.

Overall, I think this multimedia package does a good job at utilizing photo, and animated images to tell the story of each vacation spot. Each image embodied what sets each destination apart from the rest of the country, successfully giving value and reason to travel there. I do, however, think this piece was too long. I think they could have done 30 destinations and that would have kept me more engaged, because by the end I was only reading the descriptions of the places that I thought looked interesting based on the image.