5 Soldiers of Self-doubt and How You Can Disarm Them

How many times have you conceived some great ideas but trounced by self-doubt? I mean the feeling of “Oh no! I dare not try it.”

Sad but true. Many of us are only great inwardly. Most of our great ideas are continuously buried by doubt, not even fear. Even in a social media age, it’s easy to see how well other people are faring and how successful they are. Yet, it’s pretty hard to emulate them.

Why? We lack self-belief.

Don’t get it twisted. Let me explain in details.

A flurry of pictures about (seemingly unachievable) greatness flashes across your minds every now and then. All plans and visions start and end always in your imaginal world. In fact, your goals appear like ghosts tormenting your inner being… Most times.

As a result, while action takers are getting more successful, you remain trapped in the belligerent web of “how am I supposed to do that?” and sadly, you continue to harangue yourself out of doing it.

If this is you — and you’re ready to rescue yourself from what dampens your spirit, warps your future goals, keeps your dreams to dwell the backyard, follow these tips to overcome self-doubt and start winning in life.

how to disarm the soldiers of self-doubt

1- Inadequate knowledge

Perhaps you presume the level of knowledge you carry around is miserably low and will get you nothing in this world, therefore you have to wait till the day you amass enough before you can take actions?

You’re wrong!

Take this quote to heart: “You will never know everything. Knowledge unfolds as we move forward. Sitting back and waiting to know everything before we do anything is a waste of life.”

The solution is simple, and it’s summarized in the above quote. Here is it: Start! Stop waiting! You accumulate knowledge overtime and you will never have enough of it. So the earlier you know this, the better. I repeat, start!

2- Your friends don’t believe in you

You have always felt inferior among your friends. In fact, luck and fortune often sideline you and rarely smile upon you. Truly, it might be so that you don’t often come off well among them. So they all have doubts about your adventures. How much more of other people?

Here is the solution: the fact that you don’t thrive where others do doesn't mean you can’t thrive somewhere else. And the fact that those friends couldn't uplift you means you need another set of friends. Go away from them and find your own tribe.

3- The comparison syndrome

I will say this in a most unusual way. I won’t drive you into the common belief that you don’t need to compare yourself to others. You sometimes need to. Know your chances and your weaknesses. An average African living in some rural slump plagued by continuous erratic power supply should by no means be in competition with a lad from anywhere America in the issue of internet usage.

The solution to this is to always remember they probably have a chance you never had or you probably had an accident they never experienced. Be proud you've come this far. Be optimistic you can do more.

4- Many a better product out there

What has your self-doubt problem turned you to? Since the beginning of the world, producers never ceased producing and consumers never stopped asking for more. When will you ever realise that some parts of us need exactly that genius you are hiding? Go out there and do whatever you can. Do first.

5- Past experience

We all are products of our past experiences. Our fears and aspirations are often built –subconsciously or otherwise- on them. A person with former experience of war eruption might easily be alarmed at the sight of any worrisome argument. The same goes for a person who has once been ridiculed.

If this is your problem then it’s time for you to start living in your presence and let the past be what it is. Don’t forget: it is more ridiculous to live and never do anything than having failed and tell the story when you finally break through.

Walking yourself out of self-doubt should never be impossible for you, that is if you bear truthfully in mind that the greatest stars out there are often a subject of criticism and fierce debates. As human beings we turn the fairest of the fair men to a subject of ridicule in our gossip. How much more of a common man like us? Produce for us, we need every genius including yours.