Why Donald Trump can be elected president of-the United States of America?

Although the more popular vote Hillary Clinton but why Donald Trump wins?

I often hear people talk like that, because in the United States is not elected directly, but led by electoral collage and in a vote by the voters totaling 538 electoral votes.

Then what to do?

American President would do, if the electoral college to win more than 270 electoral voters have no regard for popular votes.

So Donald Trump elected President as it gets 304 electoral collage although hillary wins popular vote?

Yap! Trump win because it exceeds 270 and Hillary only got 227 electoral collage.

Why the electoral college won the Trump?

some sources say they are not ready if She is a woman President, and there are sources that say that there is interference with Russia.

whether such an election once took place in 2016?

To my knowledge never happened when Al Gore (D) opposite to the Son of the President of the United States to 41, namely George W. Bush (R), which became the President of America to 43. Medium Medium Staff Hillary Clinton The White House Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Kirsten Gillibrand PolitiFact