Fission, Fusion, and Antimatter. Don’t judge them by their size.

Fusion, Fission, and Antimatter engines would completely revolutionize space travel. Many are working on how to make a slightly better fuel source, or a extra light rocket fuel but don’t be fooled, these “innovations” (notice the quotes) make little change though they may seem very big. Nuclear power is the real answer. It’s Ironic really how such a little thing can make a big difference. Fusion and fission can make interplanetary travel a piece of cake it provides 3 main benifits and many smaller ones:

Fusion and fission create energy by destroying a very very small fraction of the atom (I mean like very small fraction) and turning it into energy by fusing or fissing (is that a word) the atoms. Einstein's famous equation E=mc² (energy=mass x speed of light ²) explains this. These engines would make Rockets powered by chemical reactions obsolete.

Now before you start tweeting away on how you got a great business idea, or runoff and create a startup lets review the obstacles:

Antimatter is a completely different matter. ha ha… matter, get it. its not matter its antimatter… hilaryous, OK I’m getting overboard, back to business. Antimatter is still uses E=mc² but is exponentially stronger than fusion and fission and completely out of the league of chemical reactions (I still can’t believe we use those). Antimatter has similar benefits and barriers to other nuclear energies but is on a whole other level of risks and rewards. It’s benefits are:

Antimatter is the real deal, if we create an antimatter engine we will witness of a huge jump in the space industry. Antimatter is the exact opposite of normal matter. It has a negatively charged proton (called a anti-proton) and a positively charged (called a positron) when brought close to normal matter they annihilate (similar to how one annihilate double dip donuts) and all the matter is changed into pure energy (or in our case fat 😉).

Making antimatter engines will be easy… said no one ever (not even trump will say such a straight out lie… I think… never mind he would). Ya there are some major obstacles:

Even though there are so many obstacles many companies (like positron dynamics) are working on this and lots of brain power is going into it. Estimate show that this technology will be made in the near future (I hope that means in my lifetime…) maybe one of the people reading this story will be flying in the first interstellar mission. If you are be sure to send me a selfie with the rocket…

16y/o innovator, intrested in space and our future in it.

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