It’s someone’s birthday…

A year ago, Align Consulting Cooperative was created by six diverse young professionals who all shared an idea: that the tools of business can help build an open and optimistic society.

We are proud of what we have achieved this past year. Whether helping youth organisations strengthen their governance, supporting communities to develop locally owned and controlled food systems, or exploring social enterprise with non-profits, it has been a year of growth and of finding our feet. We are inspired by the passion and drive within our community, and are excited about future opportunities to support people working for change.

Align is a cooperative for a reason – to be true to our conviction that business and social change belong together. As a worker cooperative we own our workplace together and are responsible to one another. We make our decisions together democratically – we each have one vote – with the good of the cooperative as our common endeavour. A cooperative is more than just a way to organise ourselves, it integrates business and equality, social responsibility, and democracy. More on that to come soon.

Across the world, the cooperative movement all shares seven principles, one of which is to provide education about cooperatives. We started this blog to share knowledge, start conversations, and highlight some of the incredible work that is going on in our communities.

If any of this sounds intriguing, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message at

Let’s see what we can do together.