How I fell in love with computer science and why you should pursue a career you like.

One of the biggest struggle teenagers have in high school is finding the correct career path. Personally I was terrified of that fact. I wanted to become a doctor then a business man then a firefighter and at some point I wanted to become a professional soccer player, but playing sports wasn’t my best quality.

I got into college having no idea what I want to study .In fact a lot of people get into college not knowing what career they want to study, so they end up switching careers often. Which isn’t a bad thing to be doing as long as you end up studying something you would enjoy.

All my life I would relate to computers and technology, it fascinated me. I was the guy in the family everyone went to when their computer broke. I would also be the guy they blamed for all future issues with their computer. So I met a friend who was also that guy in the family and was going to study computer science. So I was like meh why not maybe I’ll like it and I signed up for programming classes.

“Hello World’’ everyone’s first computer program, however not everyone is fascinated by it as I was. I JUST made a computer say something , wow. What kind of sorcery is this. I got super excited so I started to lookup everything in the code. What did “include” mean, what is a “main” function, why is there a main function, and so on. I already was ahead of the class and looking forward to future programming classes. Now I make Android applications and games, in fact I just released a Google cardboard game that can help people overcome their phobias. Me! That’s insane I’ve come so far from my first “hello world” program and I feel unstoppable , i want to keep learning and better my skills through different areas of technology.

So why should you study something you love? Because… it’s beautiful. Nothing is better than seeing a human being doing something with passion. You will be good at it and strive, and other people will see it in you. When I think of people who don’t like their job I feel sad. They wake up every morning feeling miserable and come back at night feeling the same, that’s not how you want to spend your life. You want to wake up every morning excited to go to work, happy that you are doing something that you enjoy doing. So do whatever you love, whether it’s programming, singing, dancing or becoming a firefighter, because whatever you choose, if you love it you will strive at it.