Your Phone Is F*cking With Your Creativity

For the past few days I’ve been suffering from a severe creativity block — I haven’t been able to get into the flow of writing content for the business, haven’t been able to figure out what to record on and my story on Snapchat is just blank. There so many “pros” out there with their amazing lives, insane pictures that just doesn’t seem to end. Why would anyone want to be exposed to my crap?

Maybe you can say it’s a content block — I can’t even choose what Netflix show I want to watch.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the endless stream coming from my phone I don’t have any ideas of my own.

Turning on notifications doesn’t work because the amazing coders & psych-ops people at Facebook, Twitter and every other social media platform have figured out how to make us experience withdrawal symptoms 10x faster than a meth addict search for their next hit.

So here is my solution, no crazy images, infographics or top 30 tips because honestly there is enough of that to go around, just three thing:

  1. Let your phone battery DIE: Let’s face it, you’re too weak to put your phone down and just walk away. Just let the battery die, go for a swim for more than 30 minutes of you have to (iPhone aren’t water proof yet and I don’t know any android phones that can last that long underwater).
  2. Live your f*cking life: You have to do step 1 for this to work. Don’t call your friends, you need a phone for that and besides no one picks up. Take a nap without your phone on your pillow, learn to write with something call a pen, spend time with people. I say this with all due seriousness, though we maybe physically present with friends and family, most of the time our minds are no there.

Creativity comes from the random experiences that occur doing things with real people not avatars, observing the world not behind a screen or mobile phone camera.

That is all — full disclosure I just typed this whole thing on my iPhone with 9% battery. I know the bitter irony of it all. I’m going for a walk, cya.

Ali has given up trying to produce content that will go viral — he has decided to just be himself, when he’s not typing random thoughts on his iPhone that no one will read, he helps entrepreneurs sell stuff. If you want to actually help his ego and self-esteem improve, please hit the ❤️ button. Save Ali.

Image courtesy of French artist Jean Jullien.

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