Blood Donation for Thalassaemia Patients

we are going to work for the patients of thalassaemia, a well known common disease usually found in children. It is an inherited disease in which red blood cells of body changed its form or are in access amount. We are going to work with SUNDAS foundation which is specially working for these children. its centres are in Lahore, Sialkot and other cities of Pakistan. Every month they give blood to many children, as there are only two cures of this disease one is blood transfusion and other is bone marrow transplant. while second is a risky and quite expensive way and in country like Pakistan people can not afford it, so first way is adopted. We are going to arrange blood camps with the help of SUNDAS foundation and going to collect as many blood samples as possible for those children who are suffering from this disease. as well as awareness camps as most of the people are not aware about it. it is increasing day by day due to lake of awareness and lake of blood doners and about 5000 get in to this disease every year in Pakistan. It is found in all over the world but mostly in Asia.

We are planning to collect as much blood as we can for the patients with the help of SUNDAS foundation. We will use their brand and will donate blood to that foundation.

We will organize a blood donation event in some university, most probably PUNJAB University, where with the help of SUNDAS foundation we will collect blood from the students who are willing to give their blood. We will also start an awareness compaign to motivate students for blood donation. We will use our social references to motivate students. We have almost 4 weeks to complete our project.

Week:1 We will meet SUNDAS foundation and will discuss our plan for the event. Also we will start promoting our event.

Week 2: We will use this time to promote our event, motivating students and in this regard social media compaign will help us alot.

Week3,4 : We will execute our event. We will find suitable time for the event after discussing suitable time with the university and foundation.

We (team of 5 members) are dividing the group tasks in this manner

Hira Arshad: She will coordinate with the foundation, and will continuously update other team members about the progress

Tayyaba Amjad: She will handle University administration.

Waqar Naeem: He will coordinate with the tayyaba and both of them will handle university permissions for the event, the suitable place for the event.

Nabeel Yousuf: He will handle foundation permissions for the events and all the matters that are related to foundation. Also he will handle networking with students.

Ali Husnain Shad: He will handle social media promotions.

On the event day, we (all members) will execute our event by coordinating with the foundation. Also every member will use his/her resources to motivate students to donate.

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