Thank you . . . Google for Education!

Arizona State University’s SkySong Center hosted a workshop in partnership with ‘Google for Education’. Google’s team introduced us with cutting-edge tools designed to improve student engagement and interactivity for both online and in-person teaching. Here is a quick recap.


Jamboard is a digital interactive white-boarding space. What makes it cool is its Intelligent hand-writing and shape recognition capability. For example, instructors can use it to write mathematical equations, draw charts and arrows etc. Users can also import documents such as videos, photos, and slides etc. Users can create multiple Jams and slide them right-left with their hands on a touch-screen device such as a tablet or smartphone. It’s a great tool to increase collaboration with in-person and remote team members. The Jams are automatically saved on the cloud thus no need to take photos or worry about the discussion being erased. More information about course kit can be found here: … And here is a quick video.

Course Kit

Course Kit is another cool tool from Google which is so brand new that it doesn’t even have a logo yet. In a nutshell, course kit helps instructors to integrate G-Suite tools like google docs, slides, sheets, forms etc., within an existing learning management system (LMS). Another important feature of course kit is to improve grading of assignments and manage feedback to students. I personally liked Course Kit’s feature of a ‘Comment Bank’ in which I can create a list of comments which is most frequently used to grade assignment. For example, I often use comments like ‘please use APA style,’ or ‘please include citation’ etc. More information about course kit can be found here: … And here is a quick video.

Google Appointment Slots

Google’s appointment slot is a feature that works in Google Calendar. Apparently, a simple tool but can be a huge time saver for instructors especially when booking office hours and appointments with students. Note that the appointment slot feature is only available for institutional accounts. Here is a step-by-step guide to use this feature.

Immersive Education

Google’s team shared with us a couple of tools using virtual reality (VR) to increase engagement and interaction with the students.


Poly is an image search engine for virtual reality.

Tour Creator

Tour Creator is for creating 3d VR tours. Users can also add ambient music and audio narration to make the tour more interactive.


Labster contains 30+ VR labs highly recommended for students to experience science experiments and labs. Must check out here:


Google’s VR to create 3d models and shapes.

Several other usually well know tools are provided by Google for education including Google doc, team drive, sheets, forms, slides, tiltbrush, and hangout.

Let’s stay in Touch!

I myself need to practice and learn a lot from these tools. let me know if you are interested in exploring together: