When travelling is all you need

One city, many opportunities

Oh, Barcelona… I’m pretty sure you took a piece of my heart. I moved to Barcelona in March 2014. I was 19 years old and all alone again and for sure looking for a new adventure. This time I got a chance to go abroad when I had to choose a place where to do my internship. The whole time in Barcelona was the greatest time of my life. Even though I stayed there only for couple months, I got into the culture and daily life very easily. Since I was working in a Catalan travel agency and working with Spanish customers without a common language, I got very much into Spanish and Catalan culture. Since my “trip” to Barcelona was nothing like one week and off we go- type I’m gonna write two blog posts about Barcelona.

La Rambla street

Once again life never goes as planned and since I’m such a dreamer, for me it never does. My flight was an evening flight and it was around 23.00 o’clock when I was finally dumped in front of my apartment. Honestly I had no idea which part of Barcelona am I, what kind of apartment is waiting for me, where is the nearest metro station or supermarket… So then after a while of waiting one of my roommates comes downstairs and without any common language I understood that we live together. As a gentleman, he just opens the door and leaves me with my huuuge luggage downstairs and shows me to follow him to the narrow staircase. After dying a couple of times I did realise that we do live in a penthouse. Finally, I enter this apartment which is straight from some grandma’s house and this delicious burned chicken nugget smell comes to my nose. Welcome home Aliisa. I could tell you all kind of stories about this apartment but this time I save you from that.

Barcelona from Tibidabo Hill

So, what you can do in Barcelona? Well, what couldn’t you do in Barcelona! I can tell that my two months were full of things to do and I didn’t even have time to do everything I wanted. So guys, when you do go to BCN, please take your time, Barcelona is nothing like a regular city trip.

What was my 2 months about? One word. Sangria. When back home in Finland I was huge fan of milk, somehow in Barcelona it changed to Sangria. Sangria for breakfast, sangria for a siesta drink, sangria for a dinner… I definitely recommend to try. It’s amazing drink, maybe even the best of all. Of course my life was something else too than drinking. Life was just pretty easy and carefree under the influence of sangria. As an outgoing person it wasn’t hard at all to find friends. I was very lucky to have an awesome roommates which made my life amazingly fun in Barcelona.

What comes to eating and drinking, everything is of course, cheaper than in the land of reindeers. When supermarkets are already way cheaper also restaurants and bars are cheaper too. One of my all-time favourite place in Barcelona was a bar called “100 Montaditos”. This place with its 1 euro beer, tapas and sangrias and the great atmosphere became the top place for me and my friends. When in Finland you can buy one tap beer with 5.50 euro, in 100 Montaditos you can get 5.5 beers with that price.

Barcelona is a party city and of course I didn’t leave it out of my schedule. As the most of the tourists do, they go to party nearby the beach. Bigger nightclubs with more international music and style, but since those places are full of tourists, prices are of course higher. My friends had been living in Barcelona longer than I did so they knew smaller, more typical Spanish nightclubs to go. A small nightclub called La Fira became to my favourite place to spend my Friday and Saturday nights. Oh boy, I wish I would still have energy to party till 7.00 am.

Life in Barcelona was also more than drinking sangria and partying. In the next post I’ll tell you more about things to do and see in Barcelona.

See you then!


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